Our new website: An interview with Falkon Digital

| Leanne Forshaw Jones

This month we’ve launched our brand-new website, a window into our world and a chance for our customers – be they landlords or occupiers – to gather advice and resources. We partnered with Falkon Digital to create the new site, and in this article Luke Sherran talks about the technology and techniques behind it.

Canning O’Neill is a trusted brand supporting landlords and occupiers across the North West; the company’s old website reflected that reputation, with a shop window that showed some great buildings and an insight into the team.

For 2023 though we wanted to elevate the company’s digital presence, creating something much more insightful, filled with advice and tips from those leading the business.

The result is a fantastic new property website, a great visual experience for landlords and occupiers that showcases available properties and much more.

So what’s new?

Lots of changes have been made to achieve this; overall the site is now much larger format making everything easier to navigate and view. The site still uses the same platform and technology as it did originally, but it’s the addition of new features and management tools that will enhance the user experience.

The biggest notable change has been made to the property pages. We built the last iteration of the Canning O’Neill website in 2014 when images of available properties and buildings were quite small. Much of our work has been in elevating this area, introducing videos, interactive media, and larger images – assets that will help prospective occupiers immerse themselves inside each workspace.

Improvements on these pages will also help landlords and developers, giving them a fantastic shop window for their workspaces.

Why have you decided to make these changes?

The changes have been made in line with what Canning O’Neill clients now want from a website. User behaviour online is constantly changing, and there is a greater expectation for what a website should provide. The quality of the website is often perceived as a reflection of the quality of the company; this can have a huge impact on the buying decisions made by the site visitors, so change was necessary.

One of the most notable trends in modern business is a keenness for clients to do their due diligence online. Whereas business owners once picked up the phone to their property agent, they now spend more time prior online – meaning that websites like Canning O’Neill’s need to stand out in an incredibly competitive landscape.

We have created a great new portal which helps commercial property customers enjoy an experiential website visit – something that’s often been confined to consumer websites.

Look around and let us know what you think.