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Universal Square welcomes Ballooncard into 4,216 sq ft. Ballooncard are a discount card and website designed to help struggling shoppers, retailers and tradesmen which launched in October is the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs headed by Franklyn Sheldon, 44, who eventually plans to roll it out nationally.

Self-funded, the start-up plans to distribute 600,000 free Ballooncards to members across Greater Manchester. They will be able access discount deals set by retailers and service-providers, who pay the equivalent of £1.37 per day to be listed on the website.

Businesses are ranked in order of geographic proximity to people searching for shops and services.

The company will donate 15% of all profits, pre-dividend, to “locally-based children’s charities”. Nationally, it has partnered with the NSPCC.

Universal Square has a range of offices to let from 200 sq ft up to floors of c. 16,000 sq ft.  The scheme has a wide range of onsite facilities including a gym restaurant and plenty of car parking, speak to Manchester office agents, Canning O’Neill.

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