The 5 coolest Manchester Offices to work in

| Mandy

At Canning O’Neill we see office space not just as bricks and mortar but also as potential. Manchester is a unique city that has a mix of old architecture and listed buildings as well as contemporary spaces.

With this mix of exterior styles it leaves a lot of room to be very creative with the interiors. Manchester businesses have seized this potential and turned their office space into an enviable working environment.

There are many cool offices in and around Manchester, but here are 5 of our favourite Manchester Offices.


Melbourne Manchester

Melbourne Hosting Company in Manchester recently gave their office a facelift. The idea was to engage employees and provide a creative space for them to work in. Melbourne felt that the building needed a completely new look, they have created a warm and homely space with a mix of modern and retro features. Different areas have a different feel, from the arm chair and log fire, to the artificial grass and picnic tables for employees to have lunch.

melbourne office Manchester 3

melbourne office Manchester 2  melbourne office Manchester

BBC North at Media City

The Manchester business community was very excited about Media City, especially when BBC North moved in; this excitement was enhanced when we got to peek into their offices. The BBC North offices were built to inspire their talent, the BBC are always creating, they are looking at the world outside their office, writing, reporting, tweeting and responding so it is important that employees have an inspiring place of work to act as their creative hub.


bbc-north-mediacity BBC--NorthMedia-City_3

Ubiquitous, Manchester

Mancunians know that in Manchester there are a lot of old warehouses and historical buildings. These buildings have character and a style of their own and are favoured by many creative businesses as they hold so much personality. One such creative agency is Ubiquitous in Manchester. They embrace the rustic and historical space of an old warehouse to create a sophisticated and natural interior.

This homely office space is warm and inviting, employees can relax on the sofa and catch up with some reading, and the open space office is straight out of a historical novel except for the latest technology of computers for staff to work on.


Ubiquitous-Manchester Ubiquitous-Mancheter 3

The Hive Manchester

The Hive in Manchester is commonly used as a conference building, but also has office space for businesses. The Hive is based in the Northern Quarter, a popular location for the creative industry, and this location has obviously affected the design and style of the building.

The building is contemporary with inspiring messages on the walls and creative patterns. The space is easy to design with a contemporary feel it is a blank canvas for a creative agency.




The Co-operative Group HQ, Manchester, UK

A very different style to our other favourites the Co-op group headquarters in Manchester offers a futuristic style that is designed for convenience, precision and economy. The building itself has the highest BREEAM rating for an office to date and the Angel Square Headquarters is stunning in exterior, and so it should be for the £110 million investment.

The interior reflects the futuristic style of the building; it is set out to hold 3,500 members of staff in an office with a lot of natural light and modern comforts.

UK coop Manchester


co-op group office manchester Co-op-futuristic-office-manchester

Have we missed any out? Which is your favourite? If you are looking for your own office space to do something exciting with, contact us today.