Top Places to go in Manchester

| Mandy

With more and more business’ looking relocate to Manchester recently here at Canning O Neill we thought we would share with you some of the best places to go and things to do in and around Manchester.

The Press Club


This is a high end bespoke night club venue in the heart of Manchester city. The club its self boasts a large array of celebrities from the coronation street actors to some premier league footballers who enjoy the no camera rule. This means that anybody caught with a camera or taking a photo with their phones will be removed and banned from entry. This allows the people inside to be them self without media attention.  Based on Manchester’s infamous deans gate it’s more than easily accessible for anybody who lives in or around Manchester.

Chetham’s Library


This is the oldest library in the UK and certainly one of the grandest. It’s humble outside appearance and its extravagant interior gives it a very memorable atmosphere. The library was opened the same day that New York City was founded which gives you a small taste of exactly how old this library actually is. If you have a passion for reading then the almost ancient books inside this library will be something you will remember forever.

Curry Mile

curry mile

Manchester has always been home to a diverse range of people from around the world and it shows on the curry mile which boasts curry houses from across the globe. From Mexican, Argentinean, Korean, Indian and every other type of curry that your unique tastes desire. There are over 70 different curry houses on the mile ranging from the high end Cuisine to the more affordable places for students and interns. This has something to cater for everyone palate and price. Located just outside of the city centre on Wilmslow road, its perfect to get to and from easily for the majority of the city and only a short cab ride away from Manchester Piccadilly.

Aldington Hall

Adlington Hall


This is a picturesque Stately home which can’t be anymore stereotypically Cheshire. Based right on the very edges of Manchester it offers corporate events and meeting rooms and there is little that would impress your possible future clients more than inviting them to a stately home for a meeting. There is also the staff aspect as if you were to book the venue for team building activities with its prestigious reputation there is no doubt your staff would be grateful for it. Then grateful staff makes for more productivity in the office.

The Old Trafford Stadium


The Stadiums in Manchester have been known to set an influence around the world for the high end and very prestigious teams but the Manchester United team has a reputation that stands out amongst the crowd. This shows in the extravagance of the stadium itself. The stadium won the large attraction of the year award in 2013 which is an award that is given once a year to only one attraction in the UK. This is a must see for any football fanatics.

National Football Museum

national football museum

The museum is any football fans dream show casing the teams of the UK all the way through the 20th century to the modern day. The museum throws a large amount of events that offer special access to be able to see certain quirky displays every so often. An example being the trench football display which is only available on average once a month. Perfect for the whole family or a team building event in the net, either way this museum has something for anybody and everybody.

Frog and Bucket Comedy Club

comedy club

This is the oldest and most integral venue in the Manchester entertainment scene as it boasts up and coming stars in the comedy world and stars that have already made it. This alternative night out usually attracts a range of people from all backgrounds making it perfect for a works night out. The venue is based on swan road in Manchester’s well known Northern Quarter.

Cloud 23

Beetham tower

Last and by no means least is Cloud 23 which is a bar at the very top of the Hilton putting it the highest location in Manchester. This looks out over the whole city giving the customers amazing views of the night’s skyline. This very luxury bar in the heart of Manchester is unmatched with simplicity and elegance and is well worth a visit.

There are a number of other venues that you could visit but without a doubt there is something in Manchester for everybody. Have a look through our offices now or call us to see what the city can offer you and your business.