| Mandy

Breaking with Friday Features tradition, here at Canning O’Neill towers, we have our bank holiday hats on and between you and us, the sun has his hat on here in Manchester. The summer feels like its coming to a close and Autumn is just around the corner and speaking of traditions, September is the month that folk start looking around for new offices to let in Manchester  and the region generally.

If a new office, lease renewal or a rent review are on your agenda, Bank Holiday or not, the team here are waiting to help you.

Our website is pretty clever, it can tell you about the Greater Manchester region and some interesting information regarding locations on our  Towns pages, you can also search by size of office and there is plenty of information and photographs to give you a feel for what is on offer.

We are marketing a good mix of leasehold and freehold properties from as little as 200 sq ft up to 75,000 sq ft.

You have most likely heard the phrase, ‘they know their onions’, well that can safely be said of the highly experienced team at Canning O’Neill, so if you have questions or are unsure of what your next move should be and a little property strategy advice is required, be assured, we are here to help you.

We haven’t forgotten, here’s a healthy dollop of trivia to get you started on your bank holiday weekend! Hope its a good one.

  • If you apply an electric current to a pickled onion, the salt water in it acts as a conductor and will cause it to glow in the dark…cool eh?
  • Now if you’re peeling onions, its advised to chew gum, apparently it helps to stop you crying!
  • Sorry, moving off onions and on to coffee…legend has it that Ethiopian goats discovered coffee, they used to eat the coffee berries and then would become so full of beans that they would start dancing.  African tribes spotted this and used to combine coffee berries and fat to make edible energy balls.