Launch of Co-Working Website

| Helen Hallsworth

We set up Canning O’Neill 20 years ago with the aim of becoming a niche property agent that was nimble enough to respond to market changes. Two decades on we are still identifying trends and responding to changes to meet the needs of our clients.

This is why we have launched a dedicated website portal for managed and serviced office space. This is not a departure from conventional leasing, but instead it offers businesses to look at short term options to support their current business needs. Equally for our existing landlord clients who may have a managed space option within their building, it enables them to attract occupiers to their schemes.

Director John Nash says: “We recognise that the market is very much a serviced and conventional office market. This new service will be able to capture occupiers that are quite fluid in terms of their requirements. For example, they may be embarking on a period of growth and are reluctant to take on a longer leaser term of three to five years.”

Take a look at our NEW dedicated ‘Serviced, Managed, & Co-Working Search