New Offices in Manchester

| Mandy


As the end of January approaches, New years resolutions turn to new year actions as businesses look to expand, re locate or save and as rent is typically one of the highest business outgoings (after salaries) new office space is often high on the new years agenda.

After completing company returns, the start of the year is very busy in terms of businesses looking to rent new office space and often take that first jump into buying a property. There are many benefits to moving office space, from perception and growth, to reducing outgoings.

Commercial Properties in Manchester

Canning O Neill are experts in commercial property, we market office space all over the North West, however our most popular location is Manchester and Greater Manchester. Manchester has seen an exponential growth in new businesses and with the many London based national companies re locating or opening offices in Media City, this has added to the prestige of owning a business in the city.

We have seen companies, large and small, re locate to take advantage of the micro economy and reputation for excellence in the area. In an age of digital communication many feel that location is not a barrier on doing business, and whilst this is true, many North West businesses still like to build face to face relationships with clients and suppliers. Google trends has seen an increase in searches for ‘Manchester’ based services for B2B which shows that locality, although is not a barrier, it is certainly a selling point.

With close rail, flight and motorway links Manchester is the ideal place to have a head office.

Renting Offices in Manchester

Renting office space is the easiest way to put your business on the map, we have advisor’s who can help find the right size office, and included services you need for your business. We have many new offices just added to our website of offices of different square footage for any size business, with any number of employees and storage or spacial needs.

You may be looking for a more prestigious postcode, a smaller or bigger office due to changes to your business plan or may be looking for your first commercial property. Have a look at out offices to let in Manchester City Centre and use the search filters to find the right size office for you. If you are not sure what you want then please call 0161 244 55 00 to speak to an experienced member of the team.

Buying offices in Manchester

Renting offices is often seen as an expensive option, it is ideal for businesses who need flexibility in payment or moving to different premises to accommodate fast growth. It is also ideal for many as you can get added services such as a building manager, facilities manager, utility bills, many of which are included in an office to let.

Some businesses feel that they would be better investing in an asset, this is certainly the case for larger businesses who need large storage space or to hold a large number of employees. By buying or mortgaging a property you are giving your business a large asset that in times of economic growth can provide you with a large chunk of equity should you sell.

Canning O’Neill can help you source a commercial property to buy, we already have a number of commercial properties for sale in Manchester and the surrounding areas but contact us to speak to one of our team about your exact requirements and we can help you find the perfect office for sale to invest in.