January is coming to a close…

| Mandy

Resolutions...sigh!Have you felt like January has been an eternally long month?  The dryathlon, the exercise regime, the extreme diet, the be-nicer to the family type of resolutions are perhaps all starting to wear a bit thin?  The weather has been something to battle against and the fact that the first month of the year is now drawing to a close and that search for a new office hasn’t even started yet…well you are not alone!  Here at Canning O’Neill Manchester office property consultants, we are here to help you, we may not have the diet advice you are looking for or be able to mentor you through those last few days of your dryathlon, but we will most definitely be able to help you with offices to let, offices to buy, office rents, rent reviews, service charge, lease expiries, lease break options, its all in a day’s work Canning O’Neill

For help, advice or details of offices to let or buy in the North West region, give the team a call on 0161 244 5500 or check out our easy to use office property finder…your new office is just a click away.