Friday features CAKE!

| Mandy

If you haven’t noticed already, Macmillan Coffee mornings are taking place all over the UK this morning, here at Manchester office agents, Canning O’Neill HQ we have had a rather special delivery, courtesy of James Dickinson’s mum…

YumOh my goodness, how yummy does it look??  In the name of charity, we are all digging into our pockets and donating to Macmillan, whose work is simply just amazing and we are truly humbled by it.

John Nash is the first member of the team to cut into this coffee and walnut masterpiece, sorry to Mr C who is on holiday so we will have to share your piece!  Well done to James’s mum, whose cake making is now legendary.

If you fancy a piece, give us a call, we won’t accept anything less than £5 donation… trust us, it’s worth it 🙂