| Mandy

Here we are 1st August already!  Summer is well and truly here and for some its a time for holidays, fun and relaxation.  For those who are not thinking of holidays because they have rent review to be thinking about, or an office move to be planning, then help is at hand.  The team at Manchester office agents, Canning O’Neill can help you with everything, no sweat! Whether you’re after a barn conversion office in Knutsford or a Manchester city centre office to let, we can meet your needs, large or small.  We don’t just stop there, take a look at all of the services we can provide you with – helping you with all commercial property related matters, leaving you to either pack your bucket and spade and jet off somewhere for a couple of weeks, or concentrate on your business letting us take care of everything else.

To get you in the holiday mood, here are five facts about the benefits of taking a break or vacation….

Bucket & SpadeVitamin D is free
Vitamin D is essential for maintaining healthy bones and keeping the immune systems and nervous system functioning normally. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin made by the body, in the skin, from exposure to sunlight. While this essential nutrient is available as a supplement, spending some time outdoors each day (as little as 5-15 minutes) can provide the needed benefits. The best part: the sun is free! Further, preliminary research suggests Vitamin D can help prevent various forms of cancer, including breast, prostate and colon cancers.

Play is not just for kids
Taking time to play has powerful benefits for children and adults. Play has been said to be the single most significant factor in determining our success and happiness. Play is just as important as sleep! Play involves anticipation, surprise and pleasure. Adults who play can enjoy freedom from time, rules and responsibilities, bringing balance to their busy lives.

Relationships are enriched
Spending time together enriches a marriage, which strengthens the family foundation. Through traditions and rituals, such as vacations, any relationship can be enriched. Vacations and other traditions make memories and are the glue that binds us. Vacation can provide an opportunity to talk with one another, learn new skills or discover new interests.

Children feel love, support and safety
Children who witness their parents and grandparents having fun, laughing and enjoying life learn valuable lessons about life. Spending time together as a family provides children with feelings of love, support and safety, which are key components for thriving in today’s uncertainties.

Vacation time shrinks stress
Vacation helps shrink stress and anxiety while also boosting the mental and physical health of the entire family. We need a brain break, a detour from deadlines and a timeout from technology! It takes effort to unplug from the ever-spinning world around us, but one’s mind, body and spirit will be renewed by re-plugging into the joys of quality time with family and friends. Isn’t it time for you to take a break?

Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend!