| Mandy

SummerHasn’t it been a truly brilliant week? This beautiful weather certainly puts a spring in your step and makes us all cheerful. Motorists being kind to each other, strangers on the train smiling, children playing…the heady days of a truly magnificent summer can certainly warm up the chilliest of personalities. For our Friday Feature we thought we’d bring you some interesting facts about heat waves (and there is no mention of the Summer of ’76!)

1. The highest temperature ever recorded in the shade was 57.8C (136F) in Libya on September 13 1922.

2. The skin of a polar bear is black, which helps it to absorb more of the heat from the sun.

3. According to Nasa, when the temperature reaches 95F our work output drops by 45 per cent.

4. “As cool as a cucumber” is an apt simile: The inside of a cucumber can be as much as 11C (20F) cooler than the outside temperature.

5. The average temperature on Mars is -63C.

6. According to ‘Dolbear’s Law’, you can calculate the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit by counting the number of chirps produced in 14 seconds by the snowy tree cricket and adding 40 – Mmm, yes, we struggled getting our heads around this one too!

7. The first use of the term “heatwave” for a period of hot weather was in New York in 1892

8. Until they are needed, the balls at Wimbledon are stored in refrigerated containers at 68F.

9. The flapping of the wings of 1,000 bees generates seven watts of heat.

10. The World Meteorological Organization’s definition of a heatwave is when temperatures are over 5C (9F) above average for five days in a row.

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