| Mandy

Don’t Friday’s come around quickly?  Here at Canning O’Neill we’re gearing up towards the weekend.  Firstly though, if you’re on our website looking for offices to let, we are  Manchester office agents and we have a good range of office space available for small teams up to large teams all over Greater Manchester.

This Friday we’re highlighting offices to let Altrincham…here’s just a few to have a look at, plus there’s more at

1 Century Park

Fairbank House

Grosvenor House

Hamilton House

There’s plenty more to search through, the above list is just a taster.  Using our quick and easy to use Search Function on our home page, you’ll have all the information you need in a jiffy!  (A Jiffy is an actual unit of time. 1 Jiffy = 1/100 of a second.) If there’s anything further you need, just pick up the phone and speak to our friendly team!

Finally, here’s some Friday Trivia for you…

  • Australia is the only continent on earth without an active volcano.
  • Tomatoes are really fruits, not vegetables.
  • You speak about 4,800 words a day.