Dive into your new office – without leaving your old desk

| Leanne Forshaw Jones

In an increasingly virtual world, we are given the opportunity to see and do things without leaving our own home or workplace. It’s a trend that we’ve seized at Canning O’Neill, with a new series of virtual property tours that allow prospective occupiers to dive into their new office – without leaving their old desk. In this blog, our colleague Fionnuala McCallion tells us more. 

Most technological improvements are a good thing – helping individuals and businesses alike as they seek new places, interests and ideas. The property sector has also found the changes fruitful, benefitting initially from online marketing portals, through to social media, and now to more immersive virtual tours.

Canning O’Neill’s invested in its online presence in recent years to ensure that clients – both landlords and occupiers – benefit from the full force of the digital sphere. But, we’re always keen to add more, and that’s why in my new role at the agency I’ve launched a series of new virtual tours to help showcase our properties to potential occupiers. 

The idea is that we offer an immersive experience, allowing customers to remotely explore properties with a 360-degree view of what’s on offer. That includes virtually exploring rooms, examining intricate features and details, and generally helping them get a feel for the space. This immersive experience gives potential buyers a more realistic sense of the property compared to static images.   

While I love getting out to see the buildings and commercial communities we market, the virtual route is a great starting point, especially as they’re available around the clock, thus helping occupiers under time constraints. 

The virtual model also helps those customers operating in other areas of the country who are expanding into the North West and want to weigh up prospective spaces until they’re more certain about a property.  

My priority is to keep growing our virtual tours; with the latest now live – 42 Fountain Street in the centre of Manchester.  Five of the building’s six floors are already let but for the first time this tour allows occupiers to view the final available space, which is a newly fully fitted and furnished suite, two meeting rooms, areas for collaboration and other features such as bike storage and a wellness room. The video is a great opportunity to tease what’s on offer before then walking interested parties around. 

We’re close to a milestone of 50 tours now and we’ll be adding more to the series with virtual tours of other North West buildings very soon. It’s something we’ll continue to create as we strive to give our occupiers a superior, more efficient, cost-effective and convenient experience.